Portland and Seattle road trip.

We hit up the folks at Sid Lee while we were in Seattle, dropping off our promo book and when we were in Portland we did the same for the folks at Wieden + Kennedy and Adobe. We tried a few other shops like Swift, Imaginary Friends, AKQA, and Laundry Service but to no avail. To our surprise, most places are still working from home.

Despite the wild, cold and wet weather we had during the first 2-3 days we still had a blast soaking up as much culture and inspiration during our 5 day road trip down the west coast. We’ll definitely be back soon.

Our hotel. Jupiter NEXT in Portland.
Inside the Jupiter NEXT. A Banksy Kissing Coppers reproduction.
Our hotel room view in Portland at the Jupiter NEXT.
One of the best pizzas I’ve had was just across from our hotel called Dimo’s Apizza.
We drove exactly 1507 km on our trip from Vancouver to Seattle, Portland, and Cannon Beach. Averaging 7 Litres / 100km from our trusty BMW F48 2.0 litre turbo xDrive. Love our whip.
Downtown Seattle.
Air Max Day. Front lobby display at Wieden + Kennedy.
Front lobby stairs at W+K. It’s been 10 years since we’ve been here.
Front lobby at W+K.
Front lobby at W+K.
Cannon Beach. This is where the film Goonies was filmed. We encountered really wild weather while driving out west from Portland. We went through a few blizzards (at least 30km of it) and heavy rainfall but worth the drive out. It took almost 2 hours to get here from downtown Portland.
Hyatt Centric in downtown Portland. Our second night in Portland we stayed here.