Our new studio promo book is out.

Our first-ever promo book is out. 40 pages of our past work in one tidy booklet measuring only 6″ x 4″. Big shout out to the best studio mate, Hubert Kang for all his amazing photography work which of course includes the front and back covers.

Big thanks to our practicum intern, Geraldine Yaris for the design work she did in the booklet. We’re heading down to Seattle and Portland tomorrow for a few meetings and these promo booklets will come in handy. A few are earmarked for folks at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. We’re so excited to be back in Portland as we haven’t been back since 2011.

Back in 2011, I was selected as a WK12 candidate and was flown down to Portland and put up for a few days to participate in an orientation where I was able to meet the late Dan Wieden among other legends and creative folks.

Cover shot by Hubert Kang.
Fun design system by created by Geraldine Yaris.
Sweeter Together mural for NBA x Hershey’s shot by Hubert Kang.
Snoop Dogg’s 19 Crime project shot by Hubert Kang.
Nike Air Max Day project.
Toyota Canada – Supra mural.
Printed by Juke Box.