Last mural of the year. A project collab with Ashley McKenzie Barnes.

Photo by Lynol Lui

Last outdoor mural of the year! A fast and furious piece for an exciting client (soon to be disclosed), a project collaboration with heavy-hitting Ashley Mckenzie Barnes – Very grateful for this super fun one. Big ups to a very strong assist by the one and only Cody Swinkels.

This took 1 day and a bit to finish and of course, it had to start on a snow day. Although the snow and cold froze our asses off, it did make the footage look hella dope. Very grateful to have Matteo Welsh brave the cold and snow to document the BTS.

Can’t wait to share the footage. More to come.

BTS photos of our mural production.

The wall, 665 Smithe Street, Vancouver. Shot on the day of our first production day, Tuesday Nov 29th.
Using the doodles method, we got this bad boy going asap right before the snowstorm hit. Nov 29th, 2022.
The sketching phase. The day started at 1pm and the snow started to come down in an hour.
We couldn’t wait and started colour-blocking. Thank god for Montana 94s. Super high-quality paint.
Our trusty studio whip braving the snow. BMW i3 all-electric.
Our BMW i3 studio whip is surprisingly roomy for such a small EV.
Yup, pretty much sums up our first day. We froze our asses off and the paint started to sputter because of the cold.
We couldn’t feel our fingers here. Pictured bottom, Cody Swinkels. Pictured top right, Chairman TIng. Shot by Matteo Welsh.
Attacking from ground to sky. Shot by Matteo Welsh.
Couldn’t feel my fingers. Photo by Matteo Welsh.
Love this custom apron from Search and Rescue from Granville Island. Holds 2 cans of paint, phone and pens.
Cody holding on to his only print out of the mural as it literally disintegrates into thin air from all the rain and snow. ;)
My happy place. Even in weather like this, it’s hard to beat the feeling of laying down fresh paint on walls.
Fresh cold paint.
Home stretch. 2nd day, we started at 10am and we finished by 320pm. Picture dated, Nov 30th.
Putting on finishing touches here.
Our production manager, Steff Love showed up on-site to check on our progress as Cody packs up.
The final mark is only signed when it’s a wrap.