New studio wheels for hauling all our paint gear with zero emissions.

Really stoked to have purchased this little BMW i3 a few days ago to help haul all our paint gear. We’ve been doing lots of on-location murals, site visits, in-person client meetings and just a ton of business errands in general that it made sense to get a zippy urban EV. It’s incredibly fast, nimble and easy to park but the best thing is knowing that it’s a zero-emissions vehicle. Just plug and go.

We’ve been huge fans of BMW for decades and this is our 5th Bimmer to date.

BMW i3 – All electric whip.
Perfect little urban EV car to haul all our paint gear.
Handsome little guy.
These suicide doors are actually really useful for loading up gear.
Love the interior especially knowing it’s all made from sustainable and recycled materials.