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Salt Spring Island Diaries. Our art installation in 5 days on this beautiful property.

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A shot of the kitchen area art installation.

This art installation project is hands down one of our most favourite projects of 2019. The weather was perfect and the property we were on was spectacular to the say the least. We were working inside this amazing custom home (glass doors all around that slide open on all sides!) sitting on over 100 acres of land surrounded by tall pines and a little lake out front was straight out of a postcard. When we arrived we were greeted by the workers on site and Andrew Latreille, the talented architectural photographer that Patrick flew out from Vancouver to document our art installation process for the week.

Day 1.

Arriving on the property the first day.

A few snaps of the main house and the gorgeous guest house just 100 metres away sitting in the field of grass surrounded by tall pines and a valley.

Day 1 started late. We didn’t arrive on location until 2pm. Once in the house, I started sketching out both illustrations with a chalk on one hand and the print out of the art on my other hand. The entire sketching process took about 2 hours. While I chalked, Denise, Aiken and Audrey (yes, even our kid came!) went to check in at our AirBnB 15 min. away from the site.

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Sneak peek: adidas x Chairman Ting fixed gear

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The bike is finally built and has safely landed in Hong Kong yesterday. We will reveal the entire bike in early October after our Forces of Nice show is done.

All the illustration art work on the bike was done by hand and took over 2 weeks to finish including testing with various paints. This bike will be featured at the adidas flagship store in Hong Kong and will be aunctioned off afterwards.

Special shout out to the boys at Single Bikes on Robson. They generously donated their time and the bike parts (excluding the front aerospoke wheel) of the entire bike. They custom build super rad fixies for cheap, so if you ever get a chance, go check them out. www.singlebikes.com