BCAA HQ boardroom mural progress

Lots has been happening at the studio over the past few weeks, with me back at Capilano University teaching 3rd-year students art direction, welcoming a new practicum student (Hi Arsheya!), being in full production mode at Kabam’s office, working on the Lynn Creek Community Centre art installation, collaborating on a Toronto restaurant art installation, developing an illustration series for a client in Toronto, engaging with agency professionals in Calgary, and preparing for an upcoming public speaking engagement in April. And, of course, there’s the mural my team and I have been working on for the past six days. It’s not a huge wall, but it’s an intricate piece with tons of detail, and juggling 15 colours that require a minimum of 3 coats of paint has really slowed us down.

With all of that said, here are a bunch of photos I took during our painting process over the past few days and last week. Big ups to Lynol Lui and Arsheya Seraji for their strong assist.

Arsheya Seraji, 4th year illustration student from Capilano University’s IDEA program.
Client revisions marked up.
Lynol Lui, assisting with the mural production.
Timelapse camera 2. Sony ZV-1
Timelapse camera 2. Sony ZV-1
Timelapse camera 1. Google Pixel 6.