Featured in Vancouver Magazine’s Personal Space section, the July – August 2024 issue.

Look Ma! 👋 I’m featured in the latest issue of Vancouver Magazine! Big thanks to Alyssa Hirose for the fun interview, Tanya Goehring for the amazing photos, Stacey McLachlan, editor-in-chief, Stesha Ho for the art direction.

It was incredibly fun having the Vancouver magazine team in my home (back in May before the crazy renos!), sharing my work, my art and space.

When I’m not working at the studio, this part of my home is my home studio where I mostly do admin work and a bit of drawing. Here’s a photo of our home studio taken back in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

My daughter was over the moon when she saw her art featured in the magazine. She said, “Daddy! I’m famous!” LOL. 😂

Kick it old school and pick up your issue at the newstands!