Flew across the country to draw black and pink clouds with a marker.

Back from a whirlwind trip to Toronto! It was 2.5 days and 2 nights packed with work. The client flew me in to sketch black and pink clouds with a marker (Posca!) for a 2 Michelin Star chef’s restaurant, MSSM Yorkville. Despite enduring Air Canada chaos both ways and essentially working the entire time, I still had a ton of fun. I got to hang out with my buddy, Chad, for 2 days and enjoyed dinner with both Chad and SK.

I stayed at Town Inn Suites on Church and Charles, just south of Bloor. The suite was clean, spacious, and modern. I wasn’t expecting much; I just wanted something close by since I was going to be working at MSSM in Yorkville most of the time. When I arrived that Sunday night, I was surprised to see so many people out on Yonge Street and all the new buildings along Charles between Church and Yonge. I swear I didn’t see these buildings last summer when I was in Toronto.

My flight into Toronto was a bit unusual as we had to detour to Winnipeg due to a sick passenger. We sat on Winnipeg’s tarmac for 1-2 hours waiting for the paramedics to board and tend to the sick passenger. Then, on my way back from Toronto to Vancouver, our flight was first canceled, and a few minutes later, AC notified us that our flight was canceled. As soon as I realized we had to go to AC’s customer service, I speed-walked towards the customer service desk and beat the crazy lineup. I was desperate to get home, so when I got to the AC representative (I still remember seeing his name tag that read ‘Daniel’), he leaned over and whispered to me, “Shhh, Sir, I think I can get you on another plane if you’re able to run as quickly as you can to gate D24….I think there’s one extra seat.” And I’m like, “Oh! I sure can!”

As soon as I got there, I was asked to hang tight as they were looking for volunteers to board the next flight out tomorrow by offering $1,800 cash or a $2,000 voucher. People threw themselves at the counter, and I got my spot. Woo-hoo! I got to see my kids and wife that night!

My 2.5 day trip to Toronto.
Timelapse of my work shot on my Sony ZV-1
Took the UP Train and exited from the Bloor stop.
My hotel stay at the Town Inn Suites on Church St.
My first meal in Toronto. Was crazy hungry as there was a labour dispute with catering on AC. I ordered a vegan butter chicken meal at a place called Lotus Saigon on Yonge st. and Charles.

Had to get some fruit in my system. Picked these guys up at H-Mart.
So many new towers along Charles St.
My views at night.
I’m an early riser but getting in Toronto with 3 hours ahead was just brutal.
I dig this. Kudos to whoever put this up on Church St.
Seeing my work in the wild is always a highlight for me. This was an illustration project I did for the Canadian Blood Services. Which was shortlist for Communication Arts 2024 illustration awards.
I noticed these fairly new looking bird sculptures were installed all along Bloor St.
Yorkville sucks ass when it comes to quick and cheap eats. This was on the only place I kept going to for my breakfeast. BBQ Express. They’re great!
Great times with both SK and Chad at Hemingways!
I’m still sober. Haven’t had one drop of alcohol since August of 2022. Close to 2 years now! Heineken zero proof to the rescue! Tastes great!
Client flew me across the country to draw these clouds with markers.
Accidental art