Commercial drive mural gone but the community is helping to bring it back.

Wow, what a wild ride. Last week was filled with plot twists and surprises. 

It all started with a few people tagging me on an Instagram post about my mural on Commercial drive being painted over. With the week being as hectic as it was, I wasn’t able to really look into the story.

But very quickly I learned that the mural I did for Community Taps and Bars on Commercial drive was getting painted over because it went out of business and the new owners painted over it. The community reacted fast and it quickly became a hot topic, so hot that Daily Hive reached out to do a story. It was incredible to see how amazing the community was supportive. It didn’t take long before the new owner reached out to see if we can do a new mural for the new space. 

As with life, nothing is forever. Everything is transient. 

Big thanks to Eastvanpaint on Instagram for speaking out and blowing this up. To see this original mural project, click here.

Full article:

Here’s a small snap shot of the reaction we got on Instagram alone.

A compilation of some of the heartfelt messages we got on Instagram.
Here’s the video of the mural when it was painted in 2021.