WINNER! 2024 Applied Arts Illustration Award for our adidas Originals work.

🏆✨WINNER! 🏆✨

Super stoked to announce that our adidas Originals illustration series got selected for the 2024 Applied Arts Illustration award under Advertising Illustration Series. Big thanks to everyone involved and trusting us with our vision and craft. Here’s the final list of winners on the Applied Arts website:

Big congrats to all the other winners!

Applied Arts link:

This project also just got awarded a Communication Arts last month! 


Client: Adidas Canada

Ad Agency: Ten K Co.

Illustrator: Carson Ting

Creative Director: Knickoy Robinson

Creative Director: Derek Mallen

Production Artist: Lynol Lui

Design Studio: Chairman Ting

Project Director: Derek Mallen

Art Director: Carson Ting

Winning Website:

Crafting 5 bespoke illustrations blending Adidas Original sneakers with Vancouver’s diverse neighborhoods. Each artwork showcases a distinct sneaker style against iconic backdrops, celebrating the fusion of urban culture and footwear fashion.