Billion Buns’ 2023 year in review.

Video by Lynol Lui.

And that’s a wrap for 2023! Billion Buns started as an experimental pet project in 2021 and launched at the beginning of 2022. To my surprise, we sold all 888 digital collectibles in 47 seconds on the day of the public sale. It was bananas, to say the least.

Suddenly, I found myself with a substantial piece of my very first intellectual property, a fairly sizable amount of funds, and a small community championing the work to build a brand from the ground up. 

I continued running my art and design studio while dedicating half my time to building up the Billion Buns brand with a small team. 

Since then, we have partnered with companies like BCAA, Concord’s Dragon Boat Festival, Tangible, Make Vancouver, Wize Tea, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, District of North Vancouver, Vancouver Rabbit Rescue Society, Cadillac Fairview and more. 

We’ve even snuck these fun-loving ‘Bun’ characters into countless projects that have come through the studio doors.

But things have only just begun. For the past 19 months, I have been quietly working on building something truly special with an amazing small team, which I’ll share in the new year. 

For now, check out our Billion Buns year-in-review video edited by our studio production assistant, Lynol Lui.

Happy holidays, everyone, and a happy new year! See you all in 2024!”

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