Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and our very own Denise and Quinn.

November 21 2023, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Delightfully surprised on a random Tuesday, my wife and kid walked into Santouka Ramen for lunch and unexpectedly encountered both Meghan and Prince Harry. Initially, they noticed three men sitting at the front table, not eating, which struck them as a little odd. However, their curiosity grew when they observed that all three men had earpieces, indicating that something was going on. As they headed to the bathroom to wash their hands before their meal arrived, they noticed Meghan and Prince Harry dining in the back corner of the restaurant with their friends.

Denise was ecstatic but maintained her composure when she approached them for a photo. Happily, both Meghan and Prince Harry agreed after finishing their meals. A few moments later, Denise and Quinn got their opportunity and were even engaged in a quick exchange of small talk with the royal couple. Denise mentioned that they were incredibly kind, down-to-earth, and friendly.

It’s been an incredible experience, to say the least. Denise’s instagram immediately blew up when she posted the photo that evening. The next day, that very same photo got over 1270+ (and still counting) likes and even got picked up on the Dailly Mail.

That day, all I remember was Denise messaging me with the words “Ramen Prince”. And I was like “what?” I guess she was too excited to write a proper text message. I was just a 5 min drive away as I was getting my passport renewed, and for whatever reason, I chose to buy a burrito instead of scooting up to Santouka to get my photo opportunity with the blue bloods.

The world is a funny place. The moral of the story? Always go out for lunch because you’ll never know who you’ll bump into. ;)