Lululemon’s Create The Future event in collaboration with Graffiti Plus.

New work! Excited to share this fun one!

Lululemon‘s “Create The Future” team-building event, held at the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in Vancouver, was a unique collaboration with us and the team at Graffiti Plus, fusing art and the brand’s spirit. 

This event not only sparked creativity but also held deep meaning for the attendees. Before the event, attendees helped create their own vibrant illustrations using our custom-designed stickers. They then used the Graffiti Plus system to craft their own art. 

After the event, their creations were combined with our illustration work and printed on lululemon hoodies, creating special gifts that made the experience even more meaningful. “Create The Future” celebrated teamwork and the brand’s future, leaving attendees with a tangible reminder of their shared vision.

The final product was printed on Lululemon hoodies.

Client: Lululemon

Art and design: @Chairman_Ting

Graffiti system:

Illustration production: @AnnikaMcfarlane

Photography (Hoodies): @Onlylyx

Videographer and editor: @Matteowelsh

Location: Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver

Second artist: @J_nasty808