Toronto, you’ve been so good to us. Our time back in our hometown this summer.

We spent a month back in our hometown, taking care of business, seeing family and friends, and, of course, working. We were there for a total of three projects. We completed two hand-painted murals for MSSM (Masaki Saito Sushi Master), Canada’s only two Michelin-star chef. We were commissioned to create both murals within three weeks with no pre-planned art. Honestly, it was the wildest project we’ve ever worked on, considering how little time we had to prepare and the ultra-quick turnaround time.

We worked for over three weeks straight, seven days a week, averaging more than 10 hours per day. Fortunately, it was incredibly fun, and we received assistance from our good friend Chadwick Kabigting.

Denise primarily focused on her home for nearly the entire time, while I tackled the two mural projects and did some work for the Canadian Blood Services (more on that later).

This time back in Toronto, it hit differently. Despite working most of the time, Toronto’s energy is undeniably wonderful. It just felt so good to be back. We love the high energy, the friendly people, and all the cool hidden spots in the city, especially Dundas West. The food scene was also amazing. To name just a few places that stood out, Crafty Ramen on Ossington, Lambo’s Deli, and Churchill were exceptional.

Our trip was made even sweeter because our client (and friend) lent us his brand-new M-spec BMW X7 for our entire stay in Toronto, although we still had to rent a van to transport all our paint supplies. Here are some selected photos from our trip.

On our way to the 6ix via Air Canada. July 24 2023.
The BMW X7 that our client lent us had this crazy AR-enabled GPS. Felt like we were driving in a video game.
Had this mask on almost the entire time for our first mural location which was indoors and very little ventilation.
We spent well over $2500 at our favourite paint shop in Toronto called the Toronto Collective.
The BMW X7 loaded with our art supplies.
A daily sight, as I fly down the gardiner to our mural location.
Our view when we step out of our mural location for fresh air on Dundas West.
Friends visiting from Hong Kong. Stepped out for a root beer with these two.
Highlights were mostly deciding what we should eat for lunch and dinner with Chad.
Our cousins, Jonathan and Alfred came to visit.
The large prints we got for the MSSM Dundas west location from our old pal, Frank Turner, from Clockwork Productions.
Louis Vuitton monogram stencil.
One of the best tasting sandwiches I’ve ever had is from this place called Lambo’s Deli on Dundas. I had the tuna!
Billion Buns supporter, known as Sam Franciso on the BB discord came to visit sporting our Billion Buns tee!
The legendary Stephen Jurisic, founder of John St. and former dean of Miami Ad School came by for a visit!
Creating art on the spot with Chad.
Krink essentials.
Cool vintage whip sitting in front of our mural location on Dundas west.
I love this burger joint. Had a pretty decent veggie burger at this place called Extra Burger.
Took this little Sony ZV-1 instead of lugging my Nikon DSLR.
Accidental action shot while I was trying to set up my timelapse.
Spotted this little guy outside from our mural location.
Great brunch spot on Dundas West called Milou.
What I had a Milou.
I really don’t mind getting stuck in Toronto’s traffic when I’m in this gorgeous beast.
Cool art we came across as we stroll along Dundas west.
The grilled fish that Frank made us at Churchill. Only available on Sundays!
MF Doom at the MSSM Dundas West location.
Cool public art on Ossington.
Love this mural by Richardo Gonzalez (AKA It’s a Living) on Ossington.
Our mural at the MSSM Dundas West location.
Walking along University after my video interview with BlogTO.
Used only Posca markers for our MSSM Yorkville location mural.
I’m still sober! Been over a year since I had a drink. Been rocking these zero-proof beers instead and it feels great!
Been rocking my Panerai Luminor Chrono Daylight, PAM 0356 for over 12 years and I am still in love with it!
Was trying to label all of my Posca markers with date and time to see how long they’d last.
Apparently, Karl Lagerfeld is still alive and well in Yorkville. 😂
Came back 3 times to Crafty Ramen because I am obsessed with their Ma Po Tofu Spicy ramen. Best vegan ramen ever!
Treats we got from next door, Sugar Daddy
Accidental art.
Mikki, founder of Crafty Ramen came to visit and offered us some frozen treats!
Cool little food stall vendor area on Dunda west.
Our homie Jeff Cheung came for a quick visit.
Our other whip in Toronto, the Dodge Caravan to haul all our dirty paint supplies.
Our Billion Buns mural on Ossington Ave.
CN tower in the mist.
Joanne Wong came to visit with her home-cooked meals! Thanks Jo!
Inspecting our prints.
Chad Kabigting in action
Pasteup work
A nice visit from another fellow graffiti artist.
Drake Bun in the house.
MF Doom x Saito
Bathroom interior work in progress.