Teaser video: Creators of Vancouver project.

I am so honoured and thrilled to be part of this new project Creators of Vancouver that give shine to creators, innovators, and builders of our region. Had loads of fun during our shoot especially when I get to hang with my bud, Alex Beim, founder of Tangible who made me laugh like a goofball (not hard btw) during my interview. Here’s the teaser video. Can’t wait to share the actual film.

Director: Jon Long

Production team: Red Shift Collective

Big thanks to @dailyhive @dailyhivevancouver@investvancouver@destination_vancouver @hudsonppi , @redshiftcollective for making this project a reality.

creators: @chairman_ting @damonmotorcycles @miketanyvr @tangibleint @byalexbeim @trendi.technology @carissa.campeotto @ethos.lab @aogundele24 @winterartsfest @hey__ac @dickysdumps @mykristinalao @wkndrsforlife