Porsche’s 75th-anniversary event party: A live digital graffiti painting session.

Last night we had an amazing time painting live at new Porsche dealership in Richmond to help celebrate their 75th anniversary (the year of the rabbit!) and also, the 60th anniversary of the iconic 911. In collaboration with our good friends at Tangible, we did live digital graffiti painting using their latest Graffiti Plus io system (super accurate, sharp, and responsive!) and encouraged attendees to also join in on the digital painting experience as I’ll be turning this massive collective art piece into a legacy art piece that will be installed at the dealership on a permanent basis.

The event was absolutely spectacular as they not only had a live DJ perform but they also got Michelin star chef (Joel Watanabe) from Kissa Tanto and Bao Bei, the team at AnnaLena, and Published for beverages. The front of the dealer was flanked with all kinds of 911s of all colours and we were greeted by a whole team of valet parkers and the Porsche marketing team.

We’re so grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and also a big shout out to Matteo Welsh for agreeing to come out and document our work last night. Keep your eyes peeled for the video that Matteo shot at the event. We’ll be posting it here and on our social channels, hopefully early next week! Here are a few snaps we took at the event last night and we gotta say, seeing the 918 Spyder and GT3 RS in person was definitely a big highlight!

A 48-second recap of the event. Shot and edited by Matteo Welsh.

Alex Beim, Tangible.
Jasmin Jusic, Marketing Account Strategist
Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Digital graffiti painting session
Porsche 918 Spyder
The kids especially loved playing with the Graffiti wall.
Carrera GT
Eye candy!
The 993 looks tiny sitting beside the newer 911s.
We get weak knees just looking at that 911.
Joel Watanabe, Kissa Tanto & Bao Bei.
3rd floor showroom. Love all the windows and natural light!
Thank you for the shoutout, John!
Live digital graffiti painting.
Wanna learn more about the GT3 RS? Watch this fun video by Chris Harris!