Out of this world collaboration with Tangible for the next Billion Buns NFT collection, Space Buns.

It’s hard to beat that feeling when you get to do whatever you want with your best bud. I’ve been having heaps of fun creating art with Alex and his crew at Tangible Interaction with my studio, Chairman Ting Industries Inc. for our next Billion Bun NFT collection called Space Buns.

It’s been months in the making already and today we are happy to share some press we got on Daily Hive.

Here’s the article belows as well if you’re too lazy to click on the link above. ;)

A Vancouver-made NFT collection that sold out in 48 seconds is expanding its universe, pun intended. Carson Ting, the co-founder of art and design studio Chairman Ting, and Alex Beim, founder of Tangible Interaction, have teamed up for Space Buns. According to Ting, the new NFTs tell the story beyond the genesis of Billion Buns that introduced the world to the progressive and highly inquisitive species.

“Space Buns is the story about the rest of the buns that never made it to planet Earth. With this collection, we tell the story of these lost space buns,” Ting told Daily Hive. “Space Buns and the Billion Buns are all from Planet Bananas. We’re now putting on our macro lens to discover these unique buns to see how they have evolved and adapted to life in space.”
There will be up to 8,000 unique, hand-crafted Space Buns available to be minted, with a drop date to be announced in the future. Ting told Daily Hive that working with Beim on Space Buns was a natural fit and that the duo came up with the story with the help of award-winning copywriter Rob Tarry.

“Alex and I are not only close friends, but we’re also co-creative directors on the project,” Ting said. “We have collaborated on countless projects over the past decade, and he’s also been my mentor. I have learned so much from him.” “On a technical level, Alex and his team have been responsible for all the 3D work, tech development and more while I lead the 2D aspect of the art. Collectively, we simultaneously work on marketing on social and while consistently staying engaged with the Billion Buns community on Discord.”

For Beim, Space Buns was an excellent opportunity to learn about the world of NFTs.
“I didn’t know much about NFTs before Carson got into it,” explained Beim. “Seeing his process, public reaction and finally the success of his collection made me really get into it.

“After the genesis collection was out, we quickly started talking with Carson about how could we again unite forces to create a new and innovative NFT together. The result of it is a truly awesome collab that brings both our skills together.”

Tangible Interaction is an art and design studio that has created interactive art installations around Vancouver and other cities for the last 15 years.

“I am an artist at heart,” said Beim. “I get excited about working on very expressive, very different projects where I don’t have a lot of limits with what I can create.
“I lead a team of insanely talented people, including Cristian, Alyssa and Tim, who are part of Tangible full time. They are just crazy good at their stuff, and I feel nothing is impossible working with them.”

Beim shared with Daily Hive that there are plans to continue expanding Space Buns into different properties, including games, TV shows and more. However, most important to him is that people enjoy the world that Chairman Ting and Tangible Entertainment are building.
“I really hope people see the effort we have put into the artwork, how much we tried to make every piece unique and have some element of surprise. Also, we were aiming at creating something that would bring a smile to people’s faces. I think we did that, and I hope people see it too.