Vancouver Whitecaps game opener hype video.

NEW WORK! Vancouver Whitecaps game opener hype video! We did exactly what it’s supposed to do, give it hype with our art. Big ups to @Hubertkang of @kindredandscout for bringing us on for this awesome project. 

The art we created for this video has now been used on bus ads, transit shelters and much more. BONUS! For all you @Billionbuns out there, spot the Bun cameo. 

Client: @whitecapsfc

Productions: @kindredandscout

Director: @hubertkang

Editor: @mikejsouthworth

Sound mix & master: @mikejsouthworth

DP: @scotproudfoot, Vince Arvidson, and @hubertkang

Creative assistant @onlylyx

Colourist @davidtomiakcolour

Animation @ericwada

Extra footage @whitecapsfc

Featuring @boslen