The 18 Buns of Fortune arriving NYE to ring in the lunar new year.

Billion Buns celebrate their first Lunar New Year on earth with the arrival of The 18 Buns of Fortune. The holy Buns have made it all the way to earth to bless our communities and wish them good fortune as per our Billion Buns tradition, 10% of all proceeds will go to charity.

On Feb 1st at 12am PST the Buns of Fortune will arrive on Opensea to buy in celebrating Chinese New Year, Year of the Tiger.

A visit from 18 Buns of Fortune is believed to bestow on their devotees the riches carried about by their attendants. 

Bringing fortune to the entire Billion Buns community the 18th Bun of Fortune will be given a random Bun owner’s wallet! The 8th Bun of Fortune will be raffled out to anyone that follows, likes, comments, and tags 3 of their friends through our Twitter and or Instagram post. A total of 2 Buns of Fortune are destined to two lucky humans.

16 Buns of Fortune will be available for purchase on Feb 1st 12am PST. as 2 will be given away. After sell-out, 3 bonus Holy Buns will be available to purchase. A total of 21 Buns of Fortune.

Each owner of a Bun of Fortune (Only a total of 21) will also receive a physical art print, stamped, signed, and numbered to commemorate the first-ever edition of ‘Buns Of Fortune’.

The final reveal of the art will be on new year’s day. Feb 1st on Opensea.

We’re ready to ring in the new year with our LastKnown fam and BB community!