FEATURED: Openroad’s DRIVER magazine. Vol. 17 Issue 1.

I’ve always been a car guy. Mostly because of my Dad and his yearly subscription to Canadian Driver magazine (Now Autos.ca)when I was a kid. NERD ALERT! I would carefully leaf through every page and try to memorize every car’s horsepower rating and engine displacement size. My brother and I would challenge each other’s knowledge as we spot cars on the road at the back of our parent’s car.

Thank you Openroad Auto group for having me featured in your DRIVER magazine (Vol. 17 Issue 1).  Thank you Lauren Kramer for coming down to the studio for the fun interview.

Pick up the latest issue for the full interview article and or online: https://openroadautogroup.com/openroad-driver-magazine

Written by Lauren Kramer. 4 page feature.
Madelaine Petsch cover feature.
4-page feature.
LDS EV bus shot by Nik Molson
Snoop Dogg x 19 Crimes art sculpture shot by Hubert Kang