Seeking Wonder through the launch of Arts Umbrella’s latest advertising campaign.

Very excited to see my art for Arts Umbrella all over Granville Island especially when my daughter attends her dance theatre class every Sunday on the island. The first time she saw the work on a transit shelter ad by the school, she asked “Daddy, why is your drawing here?” The coolest thing is that she saw me working on this illustration for over a week and she saw the entire process.

This project has taken on many forms, from an outdoor ad to postcards and even on a limited run of Kasama Chocolates. More to come and share!

Art directed by Cameron Wilson, Senior director of marketing and communications Lisa Hurlbutt, Art studio: Chairman Ting Industries Inc. Designer: Aiken Lao Client: Arts Umbrella

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Kasma Chocolates on Granville Island.
Direct mailer designed by Cameron Wilson.
Direct mailer designed by Cameron Wilson.
The full illustration artwork.
Late stage pencil sketch prior to final inks.