Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 2020 Applied Arts Advertising Awards Winner.

Extremely proud and excited to announce our recent work for 19 Crimes x Snoop Dogg picked was selected as a winner for this year’s Applied Arts advertising awards. Big ups to the entire team who helped make this project a reality.

Click here for full project details and credits.


Art and Design Chairman Ting

Project Managed Aiken Lao

Director and DP Hubert Kang

Video production Kindred and Scout

Photography Hubert Kang Photography

Social Strategy Leah Gregg

Video production Kindred and Scout

Director and DP Hubert Kang

Producer Amy Jones

Editor Mike Southworth & Raffy Espiritu

Sound Mix & Master Mike Southworth

Music Paul Chin & Mike Southworth

3D Rendering Gamomo Creative Lab

3D Sculpture 3D Custom Foam

Platform Design Willow & Stump

Location Tangible Studio

Art curator Ashley McKenzie Barnes


Client Mark Anthony Wine & Spirts