Work in progress shots from our Toyota Supra mural in Richmond.

We wrapped up our mural for OpenRoad Toyota in Richmond a few days ago. It took us 7 solid days to finish. Much longer than we thought due to the scale and complexity of the piece. Big ups to Mark Illing for his strong assist. Here are a few photos I took last week. Final shots of the mural to come soon. Stay tuned for the official launch details.

These shots were all taken on day 4 of production. Timelapse and video to come soon.

Click here for full project showcase.

Day 4 progress
Chalk outline and notes
Water-based spray paint from Montana used for indoors.
Truly odourless but a little too drippy for my liking.
Lots of taping and masking for the sharp lines. I think we used over 8 rolls.
We just almost 2 gallons of red latex paint. Red is not a fun colour to use as it takes many coats for it to be truly opaque and takes a long time for it to dry.
We just almost 2 gallons of red paint from Sherwin Williams.
Early concept drawings