Herschel Re-Sail Wall Organizer and my serious marker addiction.

I’ve been obsessed with the Herschel Re-Sail program ever since I found out about it and no, this is not a sponsored post. I made a mental note to pick up one of their aprons (I have a thing for aprons) but of course, life happens and I totally forgot about it until a month later, but by the time I tried to grab one online, they were ALL GONE. Desperate to find anything that was left, I found this wall organizer for $59 bones on the Herschel Supply site. I’m now able to organize a tiny portion of my art supplies with this organizer as I have a serious marker and art supply addiction.

Speaking of addiction, I’m now waiting for a new shipment of markers, spray paint nibs and etc from Bombing Science. With all the art supplies I’ve been amassing over the years, I’m really looking forward to our studio meeting this week about renovations. It’s time we find a solution to organize all our art supplies.