SFU’s Meet You By The Mural at the Harbour Centre, behind the scenes process video.

⚡PSYCHED⚡ to share our ‘Meet You By The Mural’ BTS video. Watch to the end for a little fun surprise.

Months of work distilled down to 60 seconds to reveal our creative development process for SFU’s latest mural. From the initial ink on paper to digital assembly and finally, the physical installation of this giant mural, measuring 154 feet wide to over 14 feet high. Big ups to Prismtech Graphics Ltd. for the amazing quality print and bang-up installation job despite all the curvatures on the wall.

Project managed by Aiken Lao
SFU Project lead by Ailsa Brown
Illustration and Design: Carson Ting
Colour design consultant by Lemonni Design
Printed and installed by Prismtech Graphics LTD.