What’s your new norm? We were invited by ADCC to share our WFM photos.

Through strange times our creative industry persists.

We’re happy to be invited to be part of this fun series by The advertising & Design Club of Canada called the #ADCChomeoffice.

The series is set to explore the current office spaces designers are working and creating from.⁠ Here’s ours. We live in a 5 level split townhome built in the 70’s in the Westend of Vancouver. On the 4th level, we have our home studio where we’re working from now. The space lets in loads of light thanks to all the skylights and windows we have. For most meetings and video calls, we do it on our patio to avoid the kid screams and banshee crying sounds from our 10-month-old. We sometimes use the dining table to lay all our work down for more tactile work. As nice it is working from home, we can’t wait to get back into the studio when this pandemic blows over. Go check out all the other spaces featured on the ADCC IG feed.

Our home office. An open concept townhome built in the 70s. We have lots of skylights and lets in loads of light which is nice but the glare on our screens can sometimes be a problem.
Our rooftop patio has been a great place of refuge for virtual video meetings as our kids can be quite disruptive. And we try our best to work outside as much as possible. Vitamin D!
Our second desk. Denise’s workspace is smaller as she’s mostly responsible for admin and finance work.
Our beloved Herman Miller Nelson Swag desk has served us so well for the past 9 years.
One of our favourite art pieces in our home. A limited print titled ‘Masquerade’ by James Jean.
Released through MAEKAN back in 2016.
Our custom art bike for adidas Originals fixie from a project back in 2010 now is one of our centre art pieces in our home. It sits in front of ‘Chaos’ 28″ x 40″ that I painted back in 2015 in my old studio at 1000 Parker. Both of these pieces sit by our home’s front entrance.
Looking up to our feature piece from the front entrance. Spot the Jean Julien’s IKEA limited art print. ;)
Denise likes to change up her scenery by working in living room. This large dining table has been our go-to spot for bigger illustrations or laying down all our design work.
Denise pretending to be hard at work. ;)
Hidden gems. Our micro Benz G-Wagon hides behind our design annuals.