Trying to find the perfect frame for your White Caps art print? We got you.

A gift to the BC Children’s Hospital delivered by Whitecaps FC player Tosaint Ricketts.
Photo Credit @WhitecapsFC.

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who has purchased a print. You’ve helped us raise over $125,000 so far to help the Vancouver Food Bank. Amazing.

We’ve received some inquiries from you wonderful folks on how to best frame your freshly printed piece of art, and thought that sharing our tips here would be the easiest for everyone to find. The options are endless, but here’s what we recommend:

NOTE: We’ve received an update from the printers that the print is actually about an inch larger than specified. The more exact dimensions would be 25″ by 19″. You will need to trim the white borders off to fit the frames we mentioned here or get a custom frame. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  1. IKEA
    For a quick and price-friendly framing option, IKEA would be our first recommendation. The KNOPPÄNG, LOMVIKEN, and RIBBA are all frames from IKEA that would roughly fit the White Caps artwork with a mat. We emphasize roughly because none of the frame sizes we’ve seen will perfectly fit our art. You will have to use their provided mat, which will lop off some imagery from the sides of the print.
  2. Major Art Supply Retailers
    Art stores like Opus Art Supplies provide an array of more premium frames that are exactly 24″ by 18″ so none of the artwork cropped off. This is an excellent option to balance cost and quality, especially during their frequent 20% off events! Most of these art suppliers usually provide custom framing options as well if you’d like to further customize the frame and glass options.
  3. Online Frame Retailers
    There are countless online retailers that specialize in framing, but one retailer we recommend is Opposite Wall. Opposite Wall is a Montreal-based home decor boutique that offers a large range of high-quality frames at a reasonable cost. Shipping within Canada is usually a flat rate of $9.95, but free shipping is provided for all orders over $50.
  4. Custom Frames
    For custom fine art frames Framagraphics and ABC Fine Arts are some of the popular framing options in Vancouver that allow you to fully customize how you want the frame to look with your new print. Aside from the physical frame, custom framing companies will also offer UV-protection glass options to prevent discolouration in the artwork. As 24″ by 18″ is a common print size, most custom framers in your area should be able to accommodate easily.

Make sure you share your frames with us on Instagram by tagging @Chairman_Ting or using the hashtag #ItTakesAVillage. We’re so excited to see how your framed art will look.