True North, an art installation project for BCAA’s headquarters in Burnaby, B.C.

BCAA Triptych – Installed by our good friends at Willow & Stump.

True North was an art project that has been in the making for several months last year just this week all three art pieces have finally been installed as a permanent feature at the BCAA headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Installed by the front lobby of BCAA’s headquarters.

This project was the culmination of many months of collaborative ideation between our studio and the bright minds at BCAA’s marketing and brand team. The main focus was to visually tell BCAA’s brand story in a fun and positive way. Through many brainstorm sessions, we landed this visual concept that incorporated these brand pillar concepts: ‘Putting people first’, ‘Protecting our home’, ‘Doing the right thing’, ‘Shaping the future’, and ‘The power of community.’

Here’s a quick timelapse of our live painting sessions in Osoyoos.

We didn’t just want the artwork to be painted on commercial processed wood so we looked to our friend Adam Corneil from Naturally Crafted and Unbuilders for an eco-friendly approach. We ended up sourcing a 100-year-old fir wood from a demolished home in the Shaughnessy neighbourhood (King Edward and 41st area). 

Finalizing the art back in our studio in Vancouver.

We then got our friends at Willow and Stump to process the wood (the wood was in really rough shape when it arrived) and build us, three solid artboards, out of it. After the boards were built we had it couriered (6’ x 4’) to Osoyoos, B.C., where we would paint the approved art live during BCAA’s annual leadership conference which was held at the beautiful Spirit Ridge resort. Over the course of 3-4 days, we painted live on location among the hundreds of BCAA leadership staff that were in attendance. 

Aiken assisting on the live painting session.
Behind the scenes.
Tools of the trade.
Behind the scenes. Shot by Aiken Lao.

It was our first time in Osoyoos so we were in for a real treat. The town is gorgeous, to say the least, and the drive there was just spectacular because of the amazing scenery filled with rolling hills, lakes and mountain ranges.

The vineyard.
Sunset looking out from the resort.
We really lucked out with the weather.
It was an absolute stunner looking around our resort.
One of many cute towns we stopped by to breaks.
Love this hand-painted sign at a local fruit stand on our way back to Vancouver.