Illustration marathon. Yesterday’s 16 hour shoot at Westside Studios.

Yesterday was one of the longest workdays I’ve had this year. Arrived at Westside at 10am and walked out just past 320am (Thank god for Uber drivers! Hey Vancouver! Wake up!). Here’s what the set looked like when I got there with the client.

I can’t even count how many fat Krinks, Poscas, Molotows (one blew up in my hand), and Sharpies I went through. My right hand feels like a lobster claw right now.

It was a real honour to be on this project especially knowing what a great cause this is for the University Hospital Foundation.

Project link on our portfolio:

Prep work when I arrived fresh off the plane for the pre-pro meeting.
The crew testing equipment.
Shot of the completed set.
Derek Shapton working his magic at an ungodly hour.
Shot on the Nikon D600.
Snapped this on the Nikon right before leaving the studio.