Doodles from the air enroute from Vancouver to Toronto for a project at Westside Studios.

Here are a few doodles on the plane Sunday morning with my newish posca markers. I hopped on a plane to Toronto for a really fun project that my ex-boss, Karen Howe got me on board for.

Title: Dream Prance.
Was trying to only draw non-recognizable objects for this doodle exercise.

I was working with Westside studios for a TV shoot yesterday (16 hours!). What’s really funny is, I got to work with Derek Shapton again. Derek and I go way back, like 20 years back. When I first entered the business, the very first photographer I commissioned was Derek from Westside. At the time, I got him to shoot a print campaign for FRAM air filters. I was working with an all-star team, including Mark Mason, Matt Antonello, and of course my ex-boss Karen Howe. Karen was my CD when I worked for the then indie agency, Due North Communications (it’s now rolled into some other MDC agency I believe).