Astro Shred, a limited print series for the VMF Gallery Show debuting tomorrow evening.

VMF’s Gallery Show features the work of over 90 artists from the last four amazing years.

I’m really excited to share this new illustration called ‘Astro Shred’ that I’ve been quietly working on in the background while working on all the commercial projects that we have going on at the studio. It’s increasingly hard to find the time to work on personal work especially with our newborn (Hi, Quinn!) that just arrived less than 2 weeks ago.

If you have time tomorrow night, please go and check out the Vancouver Mural Festival Gallery Show. It’s hosted at the VMF Gallery – 14 West 7th Avenue (entrance in 7-½ Lane). The line up is incredible! With 90 VMF artists from the past 4 years.

Astro Shred is a one-time limited print of only 10. Each print features a custom hand illustrated tattoo on Astro Boy and gold foil stamped. The print itself is crisp and sharp, handled by the good folks at Mitchell Print (Thanks Scott Gray!). Hope to see you all there!

Title: Astro Shred.
A limited print of only 10. 12×12 print has custom hand-illustrated tattoos and is printed on 100lb Cougar colour copy smooth with gold foil printed by Mitchell Press in Vancouver.
Each print is Gold foil stamped.
Each print is individually stamped, signed and numbered.
It’s 1 of 1 because of the custom pencil tattoo illustration for each print.
12″ x 12″ Opus BOD Wood Framed from Opus Art Supplies.
Each print has a custom hand-illustrated tattoo on Astro by pencil.
Not one print of the 10 is the same.
Limited edition 10-print run titled Astro Shred. Each 12×12 print has custom tattoos and is printed on 100lb Cougar colour copy smooth with gold foil. 
Stamped, signed and numbered on the back as well as the print itself.
An incredible line up of artists from the last 4 years.
Click here for the gallery catalogue.