BCAA’s Happy Team Appreciation Day card and limited edition print.

Limited edition print done by Hemlock Printers.
Love the sheen on the paper stock and foil reproduction quality.
The cover of thank you card.
The lovely card’s inside.
Interior page of the booklet.
Limited to 1500 prints.

The folks at BCAA are truly one of the nicest group of people I’ve ever worked with. Today, I got a package from BCAA with a limited print of my artwork that I was commissioned to work on earlier this year and a thank you card. It is so heartwarming to receive something so thoughtful from a client that appreciates the hard work you put in.

The art prints were handled by BCAA’s internal design team and printed by Hemlock Printers. The quality is seriously top shelf. There’s a really nice sheen to the paper stock that’s almost metallic looking from certain angles and I also love how the gold foil turned out for my handwritten signature.