Western Washington University’s keynote talk was a real honour.

Keynote talk at Western Washington University.

It’s been over two weeks since I did my keynote talk for the 2019 senior design graduates at the Western Washington University in Bellingham but never had the chance to write about it (it’s been crazy busy), but first I need to get this out of the way, I was close to an hour late. In my own defence, I left home almost 3 hours before my scheduled talk at 1130am but because it was Father’s Day weekend, the border wait was unusually high and I got caught in the backlog of all the cars trying to enter the US. Long story short, I was late but thank god everyone was so chill about it. I guess it’s the pacific northwest chill vibes. 

I had a really good time giving my talk and trying my very best to help inspire everyone in the room with my stories and the things I’ve learned over the 2 decades of working in advertising and design. After my talk, I spent a good chunk of time talking to all the students and looking at their work. I was truly impressed with what I saw. Everyone was so driven, talented and most importantly, genuinely excited about their future. Youthful energy is very contagious! I grabbed a lot of their cards that day and I’ll try to post their links on this blog soon.

Here are a few snaps of the beautiful campus when I was given the tour by the professor.

The campus is perched up on a hill in Bellingham overlooking the bay area. It’s a gorgeous campus surrounded by public art. Thank you Western Washington University for having me. It was a real honour!