BCAA magazine front cover artwork. Making BC Better on and off the road.

The art board. Not everyone knows this but I build most of my artwork in layers once the final composition is locked down. This allows me to have lots of flexibility to move things around and the ability to animate if the opportunity presents itself.

Stoked to see the magazine printed in person. This was a real fun illustration project. Every single element in this illustration is on a separate layer so it can be used as an animation piece or rearranged for another application in the future. Big thanks to our studio manager Aiken Lao for overseeing the production and our intern Emily Rose for her help with visual research.

One of the mandates of the brief was the use of vibrant colours.

One of the few rough sketches sent to the client for approvals prior to final ink work.
A sneak peek into the process of a collaborative working relationship with the client. I like making notes directly on the rough so I get a better sense of overall changes.