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I’ve been really fortunate for getting projects I love. Spent the past week in my studio creating graffiti tags and stencil illustrations for a big national client. Excited to share the work when it’s done in a few weeks time. Being able to mix up the type of work I enjoy from freelance art direction to illustration projects, the discipline is far and wide but it’s the variation that keeps it fresh and interesting for me.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I spent the last 5 months working at one of the best ad agencies in Canada, Rethink (my old stomping grounds) working as an art director on projects like Molson, A&W Canada and more. It was super fun being back at Rethink and working with old friends. I’m excited to share a number of new projects that I’ve completed independently and collaboratively in the past few months so stay tuned and keep checking this space.



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