A panel expert for Computer Arts, Illustration Annual 2014


I’m really proud and flattered to be invited as one of the panel experts for this year’s illustration annual for Computer Arts magazine from the U.K. “The most inspiring illustration from the world’s leading creatives”. Not only am I really happy to have nominated one of our most favourite artists Tristan Eaton to be featured in the magazine but he also got selected to be this year’s front cover!  

Here’s my quote in the magazine: “I fell in love with Tristan’s work the first time I saw it. In particular, his mural work in New York called Audrey of Mulberry really stood out to me. All the interesting and unexpected textures of layering in his work draws your attention to his detail and craft. Tristain’s work is both refreshing and exciting.” 

Be sure to pick one up as there are a ton of other new and amazing illustrators that I’ve never seen are featured in this year’s annual. Congrats to all the featured illustrators. This year’s panel of experts include Jessica Walsh, Gary Taxali and Ollie Munden


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