The Picnic Art Table, a commissioned art project.


The Picnic Art Table was a commissioned art project by the good folks at We The Collective, a design agency based in Railtown, Vancouver, B.C. The table took roughly 24 hours to complete from start to finish using various acrylics and markers.

When I was first approached by Jeremy Burrows of We The Collective to work on this project, I jumped to it with excitement because I’ve always loved the idea of doodling on a table. I’ve secretly mastered this craft as an epically failing young student in school. I’m sure all my school teachers can attest to this. Instead of a failing report card and a suspension letter, I received a gainfully handsome cheque for my services. I can now safely say I got my last word with my high school principal, Mr. Hill.





Music by Röyksopp – Track: So Easy.
Artist: Carson Ting
Video / Edit: Carson Ting