Station ID Bumpers for The Cartoon Network

We’re super proud to have been approached and commissioned by The Cartoon Network for this super fun project. We presented a bunch of concepts for the good folks at the Cartoon Network back in May and they picked these two concepts, T-Bone and Graffiti Writer A.

We were one of the few artists from around the world that the Cartoon Network approached for this one of a kind station ID animation project. We picked the Letters A and T out of their name.

The project took over 2 months to complete between concept scripts to final production. This was definitely one of our most favourite projects of the year. Both the Creative Director and Executive Producer at the Cartoon Network gave us complete creative reign and at one point, we were even asked to make our concept even more quirky and weird. We definitely don’t come across clients as awesome as they are.

Special thanks to the one and only Chris Nielsen for all his help and love. We love you too man.

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