National Advertising Awards – Merit Award, DM Category.

TITLE: Gimme A Hand?
This piece will highlight direct mail’s main advantage over digital media: connecting with people on a personal, physical level. By involving the reader in an immersive, interactive (yet, analog) experience that entices them to touch, open, push and pull the piece, we’ll prove that DM can still be engaging and effective.

Gimme a hand? I’m feeling a little…left out. Today, it’s all digital-this and digital that. But…I can still pull my weight. See, THIS can’t happen online. That’s the power of touch. The feeling is mutual…I like being in your hands too. I also like that you’re…Interested in what I’m saying. And if you made it this far then…You know how engaging and interactive direct mail can be. Learn more about what DM can do for your business at

Merit Award – Direct Mail Category
National Advertising Awards 2012
Art Director / illustrator: Carson Ting
Copywriter: Justin Li