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The Chairman’s photography work

Hong Kong in Monochrome

We’ve been in Hong Kong for a few days now and we’re loving every moment. We’re on a film project out here until February. We’ll disclose more about our project once everything is confirmed.

The Night Of The Fleeting Fog

Did a time lapse video of the crazy fog we’ve been getting tonight in Vancouver. The entire Coal Harbour marina was completely consumed by this fog after this time lapse was captured. We threw in one of our characters that…

Thanks for striking a pose Mister Pomfret

Experimental piece shot right before preparing this little guy for dinner tonight. If you’re wondering what type of fish it is, it’s called a Pomfret. The earlier form of the pomfret’s name was pamflet, a word which comes from Portuguese…

Blonde Redhead in Vancouver

It’s been a few weeks since they were in Vancouver to play at the Commodore but we never got around to posting these shots. You can see the rest via Flickr. They put on an amazing show and we would…