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Homosapienese. Our solo art show.

Our very first Vancouver solo art show held at the lovely Walrus store on Cambie St. Opening party held on July 18 2012 / 6-10pm / Walrus Store, 3408 Cambie St., Vancouver. Food will be specially catered by Sophia Sofei…

Typecasted: Exhibited two new art pieces

Piece 1 Title: Handcrafted Perfection Imperfection Medium: Liquitex acrylic ink, Montana Gold spray paint on paper. Piece 2 Title: The letter ‘T’ Medium: Cardboard shredded illustrations on wooden cutting board. Cardboard Shredding artist: Bella Exhibited at Typecast, A Group Exhibition…

Typecast: A group exhibition

I’ll be exhibiting two new illustration pieces at this show this Thursday, August 25. Party starts at 5:00pm – 10:00pm at aka alsoKNOWNas 314 West Cordova Street, Suite 220. Hope to see you there. Follow us via Twitter.