Westend Bestend. A few photos from last night.

A few snaps I took in the Westend yesterday after work. Starting to really dig this little Sony ZV-1 but I’d still prefer my Nikon DSLR if it wasn’t for the size and weight. Been shooting mostly just JPEGs this past summer because I couldn’t be bothered to do any editing or processing through Lightroom as I’ve been too time-starved.

But yesterday after work I was desperate to just be outside as I was stuck at home all day rushing deadlines so I quickly left the house and grabbed my little Sony for some street photography. This time I shot RAW and got to process the photos this morning while the kids were still sleeping.

I’m quite happy with how some of these photos turned out especially after fiddling around with the settings such as adjusting my focus to flexible wide, on aperature mode, auto ISO (was shooting at ISO 80 in Toronto by mistake!), using my articulating screen for more dynamic angles and in RAW.

Shot these all in the westend and then we headed out to dinner at this fantastic little spot called Haraheri (used to be Guu Garden), a Japanese Izakaya with a rooftop patio, kinda hidden and tucked away on top of Honolulu Coffee.

Our dinner at Haraheri.
The outside of Haraheri.