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An epic 52 ft wall mural for VANOC.

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An epic wall mural project for the Vancouver Winter Olympics (VANOC) 2010 I worked on with Company Policy back in Jan/Feb 2010. We slept and ate at this warehouse for countless days to get it done in time.

The entire wall mural was captured via 4 Nikon D90s and shot in sync simultaneously by Steve Pinter. The final video projection was at a 1:1 scale and was exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery during the winter Olympics.

The project was handled by Company Policy. I dug out these iphone shots today because I just realized that I never published this project properly via social media space. This 52ft wall mural was one of the toughest projects I’ve worked on. At one time we worked over 72 hours on this wall without sleep and it almost killed me. I still get shivers just thinking about that warehouse.

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Rethink Toronto’s new office wall mural.

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I’ve been very lucky and fortunate to have Rethink commission and fly me to Toronto to do their new office wall during the May long weekend. Timing was tight but with the assistance of Denise Cheung (AKA Denise Kiwah of Wah! Inspired) I was able to crank this piece out in 40+ hours during my 2.5 days stay in Toronto.

Dré & Pema gave me a list of things to incorporate into this piece and the rest was complete freedom. Had an awesome time doing this massive 25 ft. x 11 ft wall.

Here’s the time lapse video of the piece in the making (Music by Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma album, titled: ‘Galaxy in Janaki’)

@Invoke Wall Mural

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A commissioned wall mural by Invoke Media, Vancouver, the founders of HootSuite. This was another collaboration between Mike Nowland of Company Policy and Carson Ting of Chairman Ting. Produced by Leanna Wilson and original music by Tom Pettapiece. More behind the scenes photos is up via Flickr. The project was loads of fun as usual. It was a good solid 15 hour work day. And again, we tripped out on Mike’s paint fumes. Awesomeness.

Chairman Ting Bicycle Wall Art

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A Chairman Ting illustration production. My first stop motion animation of myself painting my studio apartment wall in Vancouver. Shot with my Nikon D90 and Nikkor 28-80mm AF lens on a tripod triggered with a remote. After well over 1,800 shots I assembled the final movie with Quicktime Pro and imovie.

Illustrator: Me, Carson Ting
Music: Metrorail thru space by Cut Chemist.
Paint: Amsterdam, Standard Series Acrylic
Camera: Nikon D90 / Nikkor 28-80mm AF
Location: Vancouver, Canada