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Finally, new studio address numbers adorn our studio door.

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990 Nicola St., Vancouver

Thanks to Frank from Northside Signs for putting up the address numbers designed by our studio mate, Annie Chen of Lemonni. Also, how is it December already? Someone said to me that 2020 is the slowest yet the fastest year ever.

Although the store is closed due to COVID, we’re still working in the studio as much as we can while our studio manager Aiken is working remotely from Calgary. It’s amazing how we can still make things work with everyone being everywhere and that’s only possible with platforms such as SLACK that we all use religiously.

We’ve very grateful to still be insanely busy with so many new projects that continue to flood our inboxes.

My work desk as of yesterday. Trying to map out our workload with many sticky notes to the side.

Standing desks and skateboards in the studio.

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When no one is at the studio while saving down 80+ MB Adobe Illustrator files that take over 2 minutes to save on my maxed out 2018 Apple Macbook Pro, I coast around on my skateboard like a genie. And yes, I’m not impressed with the performance of my Macbook Pro.

It’s been a crazy month of heavy production work but excited to see everything coming together for our current art installation project for Kabam Games in Vancouver in collaboration with the folks at Perkins + Will. This project has been in the works since the early days of the Pandemic and I can’t wait until I’m able to share the work we’ve been doing.

Herschel Supply x Vancouver Mural Fest Instagram story feature.

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I am extremely grateful for all the shine I’ve been getting with all the projects I’ve been working on through my studio. Last week Herschel Supply put out a feature for Annie Chen and I through their Instagram stories.

It was a feature talking about our recent collaboration for our studio mural in the Westend (Nelson and Nicola) for this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival.

Our mural titled ‘Westend Bestend’ features everything that defines the Westend. In particular, my mural features Joe Fortes (A prominent figure in the early history of Vancouver, and the city’s first official lifeguard.) heading west towards English Bay and a great blue Heron taking flight while Annie’s mural is made up of beautiful patterns and cute tiny critters. Both murals converge at the tip of Nelson and Nicola with a two-faced raccoon which you’ll need to see in person for the full effect.

Big thanks to the Herschel Supply team for coming out to document our work and for the interview. Visit @herschelsupply on Instagram stories to go through our entire interview.

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Full project link: https://chairmanting.com/westend-bestend-vmf-2020

Photo by Stephen Wilde
Photo by Stephen Wilde
Studio crew. Photo by Stephen Wilde
From left to right: Annie Chen, Hubert Kang, Aiken Lao, Leah Gregg, Mark Illing, Carson Ting.
Studio mural by Annie Chen.
Photo by Hubert Kang Photography
A Father and Daughter moment.
Photo by Hubert Kang Photography.

It’s Friday and if you’re feeling well, bored out of your mind from self-isolation, read German and like the work we do, then you’re in luck.

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The Cover.

2020 has been a whirlwind so far. If you’d like to take a break from all the COVID-19 news and read something else, we’d like to share some good news.

Chairman Ting has been featured in a German design magazine called PAGE! Surprisingly, we’ve had quite a few pieces featured in Germany this year starting with our trade booth designs for Munchkin. It’s always cool to see our artwork go global. The magazine also features fellow Vancouverites such as Glasfurd and Walker–we love your work. Special thanks to the writer Sabine Danek for making the trek over to speak to us in person.

Headlining the feature article. Not too shabby eh?
The magazine also features fellow Vancouverites such as
Glasfurd and Walker–we love your work.

This is also the first time our space, which has been represented under many names (Production Road, Forces of Nice, you name it we still haven’t picked one), has been mentioned in print. For those who don’t know, our studio, Chairman Ting, is located in a collective office space with fellow creatives Annie (LEMONNI), Hubert (Hubert Kang Photography), and Leah Gregg. When possible, we join forces on projects while still being able to work as individuals. It’s amazing to see how each person brings a unique set of talents and insights to the table given our different specializations and experiences.

Click here for high-res file to read article in German. ;)

Thanks again for the feature PAGE magazine. We hope this is the first step in bringing Vancouver’s creative talent to the world stage.

Now back to your scheduled COVID-19 news. We hope that everyone stays safe, practice social distancing, and use this opportunity to catch up on some rad personal projects. Netflix is a good second option.

From lost Intern to full time studio manager in 9 months.

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Early last year, we decided to get an intern to help us all out at the studio. After we put out a call on Instagram, we had a few inquiries but one stood out and it was from a UBC Sauder business student named Aiken Lao. Although she was a business student from UBC, she had a real strong interest for creativity. She was a rare breed. A business student with a visual arts portfolio, showcasing her illustration, photography and design work. The diversity in her work made her an ideal candidate as she was able to help all three of us out at the studio. With Hubert Kang, a photographer, Annie Chen, a surface designer and myself an illustrator and art director. She was a rising triple threat with an opportunity to be able to sample all three disciplines under one roof. It’s sort of like getting whisky flights but for jobs without the hangover.

Over the course of just a few months, Aiken proved to be a real asset at the studio by helping out on photoshoots, painting murals, drawing storyboards, designing logos, researching visual references, attending client meetings and even taking the most detailed notes in lightning speed. It wasn’t long before we decided to raise her rates for the remainder of the year until she graduated in December of 2018.

Interestingly, Aiken’s parents were never a fan of the idea of her pursuing a creative career. Although she initially applied to Emily Carr, she ultimately chose UBC’s Sauder School of Business to please her parents. Fast forward to post-graduation, Hubert Kang, and I decided to offer her a one-year full-time contract gig at the studio to become our Studio Manager. She now oversees our projects, manages our workflow and helping out with a variety of tasks such as running the retail store and doing actual work like drawing storyboards, designing logos, painting murals and much more.

When Aiken first started, she had no clue how the creative community worked but she’s now a little less lost (we hope) and is now convinced that artists don’t need to fit the ‘starving artist’ stereotype to make a creative career work. Personally, I was lucky enough to kick start my own career in advertising as an art director for almost 2 decades which helped me get exposed to countless artists, musicians, photographers, animators, writers and more. Over this time, I saw budgets, managed artists, supervised shoots, managed creative teams, worked with countless directors on tv shoots and it was through this experience that I learned how to now run my own art and design studio.

Knowing how many young and talented creative folks are out there trying to break into the business but unsure how to, I hope this little blog post will help shed some light into your career path. Read More »

An illustration of the studio in the morning.

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Came in early into the studio this morning and decided to do a quick illustration warm up before I start the day. Every day when I walk through the studio doors I feel so grateful to have found this beautiful space that Annie and Hubert designed. A short 10 min walk from home where I can do what I love doing all day and surrounded by good people with talent and passion. Big shout out to Hubert and Annie for letting me share their space and to Aiken for being the best studio assistant on the planet!

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McKinley Burkart’s studio unveiling party

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Excited to attend McKinley Burkart‘s Vancouver studio unveiling tonight in Railtown. McKinley Burkart is an architecture and interior design firm that has worked on spaces like Black Bird Pub, Hudson’s Canada Pub, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters and much more.
We hope to see a few familiar faces tonight.