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Large Scale Metal Mural Project for Henriquez Partners Architects

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And finally, here’s our wrap up video for our KGMS Large scale mural project for Henriquez Partners Architects in Vancouver that we finished a few months ago. This was definitely one of the biggest and hardest mural projects we’ve worked on to date but also equally as rewarding. With happy clients and work we’re proud of, we’d love to share the final video here on our site.

We’d also love to give a big shout out to Kenji and Joanna for assisting us for the few days before their trip to Japan, Edwin Cheng and Sophia Tong for priming the panels and Bertrand Joyal for all your advice. This was a commissioned mural project by Henriquez Partners Architects for the Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School in North Vancouver. The project took over 200 hours to finish 15 4′ x 8′ aluminum panels. We used Montana Gold spray paint, 1Shot enamels, DTM primers and paint, KRINK and Molotow markers to create the final artwork all by hand.

Photo credit: Albert Law Photography



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A month in the making and still going.

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We’ve been busy painting each giant metal panel by hand for the past month and we’re making progress in finishing all 15 panels as there only a few left. The whole process has taken a lot longer than we thought due to the enamel paints we’ve been using. Enamel is what old sign painters used to use and although it takes forever for this stuff to dry it is still worth the extra effort since they’re made to last for a very long time outdoors.

We’re also really excited to have Albert Law come in to document the whole behind the scenes process. Check out his photography work at albertlaw.ca

This is a project with Henriquez Partners Architects in Vancouver | http://henriquezpartners.com/

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