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Having fun shooting toy cars with a Google Pixel 4a.

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Vintage toy Porsche I picked up at the Autoshow back in 2017.

Super quick doodles just to tinker with visual ideas.

I’ve always wanted to create a fun visual series using all the toy cars we have at home so this was a fun little exercise I did during the weekend. Can’t wait until we can get a bit of a breather to start working on more personal art projects.

All the shots here were shot on the Google Pixel 4a using the portrait mode. I did a few minor tweaks such as contrast and brightness on the phone but that’s all. Not bad for a budget smart phone camera eh.

Jive Talk. Welcome to Jiveland EP

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I had loads of fun working on Jive Talk’s first EP ever––Welcome to Jiveland.
Jive Talk is a Vancouver band made up of Jared Zecchel, Nick Lanyon, Tak Komiya and Eric Busto. Their music is a mix of funk, rock, jazz and blues.

Check them out on Myspace: