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McKinley Burkart’s studio unveiling party

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Excited to attend McKinley Burkart‘s Vancouver studio unveiling tonight in Railtown. McKinley Burkart is an architecture and interior design firm that has worked on spaces like Black Bird Pub, Hudson’s Canada Pub, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters and much more.
We hope to see a few familiar faces tonight.

Really grateful to be featured on Native Shoe’s site

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Big thanks to Native Shoes for featuring me on their site and all the rad free kicks they got for me and my fam! Really grateful to have companies like them supporting local artists like me. Photos by Jeremy Jude Lee – Check out the interview and story behind my Ride Wild piece for the Vancouver Mural Festival this year.

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Artful education. A metal mural project.

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Photo 3-12-2014, 2 54 58 PM

For the past few weeks we’ve been intensely working away on a project for Henriquez Partners Architects for Kenneth Gordan Maplewood School (KGMS) as they are expanding their alternative high school program in North Vancouver. The project consists of fifteen aluminum 4′ x 8’panels, each weighing at 45 lb. each. This is the largest mural project we’ve ever taken on and we’re very excited about it.

We’re very honoured to be working with the highly regarded and award winning architecture firm, Henriquez Partners Architects on this project. In the next few weeks we’ll be working tirelessly at the studio and will be documenting as much of our process as possible. Follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts for daily updates.

Check out the blog post from Henriquez Partners Architects here.
For more behind the scene photos Read More »

Geared up for Cannes.

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Denise and I are prepping up for our trip to Cannes tomorrow evening. I’ll be meeting her in Nice, France as she flies in from Toronto while I depart from Vancouver. We’re super stoked about the festival and meeting all our old friends from around the world.

We have a new piece of art to debut in Cannes so stay with our tweets from abroad.