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New mural installed at the new BBTV HQ in Coal Harbour

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After months of back and forth with the client and finessing the final details, this mural called ‘Opposition‘ is finally done and installed at BBTV‘s swanky new digs in Coal Harbour. The final piece measures 167″ x 121″. This is the 3rd wall I’ve completed. A 4th wall is potentially in the works. Big thanks to Colortec for the bang up print job and Rick for the install. I will post the process and rough sketches on this site soon. We’re off to the Caribbean tomorrow morning for a week! Check back soon!

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Process video of ‘Fight Night!’ Bot Battle piece

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This is a process video of an illustration that’s part of a significantly bigger landscape piece I’m working on for Daimler AG in Stuttgart Germany. Always fun to see the process. Created through the ProCreate app I have on my full size iPad Pro.