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A photo walk through a dark and foggy evening.

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When I saw the thick fog rolling into Coal Harbour from the west last week, I got really excited about the photo opp I was going to get from my balcony but after a few uninspiring shots I quickly realized that I need to be on the ground shooting.
It didn’t take long before I took my gear for a solid 2 hour solo photo walk around my neighbourhood for long exposures. Read More »

Dunny Series 2013 Three Inch at Kidrobot

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We just ran out of our Dunny Tings. We thought we had two boxes when Kidrobot sent us our Dunnys earlier this summer. Turns out that the other box is the actual entire 2013 collection (which we’re thrilled about) so we only have 1 left for ourselves (super hard to find one of these guys as it’s a mystery Dunny). Be sure to pick one up at the Kidrobot store before they’re all gone!